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Mobile Homes for Sale in Orange County CA

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Frequently Asked Questions About Buying, Selling and Financing Mobile Homes

Questions about Mobile Homes.

What is the difference between a Mobile Home and Regular Home?
What is the difference between a Mobile Home and a Manufactured Home?
What Should I Expect When I Buy a Mobile Home?
What is the relationship between the mobile home and the park?
What is the process to buy a Mobile Home?
Am I on the Title when I buy a Mobile Home?
Do I receive a Title for my Mobile Home?
Who is the Registered Owner of a mobile home?
Who is the Legal Owner of the mobile home?

Questions About The Loan

What if I have bad credit? Can you finance me?
Will I have to apply with a bank?
I had a foreclosure. Can I get financing to buy a mobile home?
I am self-employed. Can I get mobile home financing?
Do I need a down payment to buy a mobile home?
What is the approval process for my mobile home financing like?

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